Your recorded memories are deteriorating. Whether it’s Grandma singing, your child’s first words, or important business meetings they are slowly disappearing. The expected lifespan of magnetic tape is only 30 years. Protect those precious memories by transferring them to digital media.

We accept most forms of recorded media:
  • LP Records
  • Reel to Reel tape
  • Audio Cassette
  • Micro Cassette
  • Mini Disc
  • DAT


Audio Transfer to CD from Standard Formats

Transfer from audio cassette, LP record or reel to CD* or mp3 on USB (no track assignment) – $35.00
*(one CD capacity is 78 minutes)
Track assignment (includes scratch, hiss & noise reduction) – $15.00 per CD or USB
16Gb USB drive – $9.50
Audio editing service – $50.00 per hour

Pricing includes title printed on face of CD and a poly case or paper sleeve.
Click here for pricing on additional copies of CDs.

Graphics creation or editing – $40.00 per hour
Photo or full color printing subject to setup charge and increased unit price depending on graphics complexity. Call for quote.

By law, we cannot transfer copyrighted material. If your cassette, video tape or LP album is copyrighted, we can copy it ONLY if you are the performing artist or have written permission to do so.
Contact our office with questions or if you need clarification about copyright laws.