Since the 30’s & 40’s, people have been capturing their memories on home movie film. Vacations, weddings, babies, kid’s ballgames and historical events.

These memories are in danger. The film will not last forever and the projectors needed to show these movies are breaking down.

Your films are deteriorating and your memories with them. Most have been stored away for so long, they are all but forgotten.

Let us bring your memories to life by converting them to digital media.

Preserving Memories In Digital Format
This video will help you determine what kind of film you have.

AV Media has been preserving precious memories since 1973, we offer quick & efficient service at economical prices.


  • Initial set-up charge (less than 200′) – $17.50
  • Initial set-up charge (more than 200′) – $12.50
  • Film transfer rate – 18¢ per foot.
  • Splicing 50′ reels together – $2.50 each
  • Descriptive titles in footage – $8.50 each
  • Film will be cleaned to remove dust & lint.
  • Poly Case or paper sleeve included with DVD – N/C
  • DVD Case w/ basic printed Title – $1.50 each
  • DVD Case w/color photo and Title – $7.00 each
  • 16Gb USB drive available for $9.50

Extra copies – see pricing here