Your video tapes are degrading just sitting on the shelf! We are already seeing videotapes from the mid 1990’s that have degraded to the point they can no longer be viewed. Most people have just never been told that videotapes have a shelf life and they MUST get them transferred to a digital format before it’s too late.

We can preserve your family memories by transferring them to DVD, to an external Hard Disk Drive, a USB thumb drive or to the cloud.

Preserving Memories In Digital Format
This video demonstrates the difference between a DVD and the original video tape after only 6 years of storage.


We transfer most video formats including:
VHS • VHS-C • MiniDV • DVCam • BetaCamSP • Video 8 • Hi-8 • U-Matic • Beta (in most cases)


Straight transfer to DVD (no editing)
$30.00 for a 2 hour DVD *
$40.00 for a 4 hour DVD *
$50.00 for a 6 hour DVD *

Straight transfer to File (no editing) – $40 per running hour
Video Editing – $65 per hour
Basic Tape Repair (if salvageable) – $15 each

* Do you have short tapes?
Add $12.50 per tape change

Extra DVD copies – see pricing here
Packaging – see options here

We only transfer non-copyrighted material.
Please call or email for more information.